What is CASAA?
CASAA’s mission is to defend the interests of consumers who use, or might someday choose, lowrisk alternatives to smoking such as vapor products (also known as electronic cigarettes or ecigarettes) and smokeless tobacco. We provide public education, intervene in regulation and legislation, and take other actions to protect consumer access to tobacco harm reduction products.

Who does CASAA represent?
CASAA is a nonprofit, 501(c)(4) advocacy group that was formed in 2009 to represent and safeguard the rights of consumers. CASAA does not represent the interests of industry and is not affiliated with any businesses or industry groups. CASAA provides a voice for
consumers to the industry, media and government agencies. CASAA believes that consumers are best served by diversity in the marketplace, and actively battles against unreasonable regulations or laws that would make reduced harm alternatives to smoking less available, effective, or affordable. Any individual is welcome to join CASAA as a member, including industry professionals.

Who is CASAA?
CASAA consists of a core leadership group, a board of directors, a board of advisors, many active volunteers, and tens of thousands of registered members. Our membership includes ecigarette consumers, smokefree tobacco consumers, and tobacco harm
reduction advocates who share CASAA’s goals. All members of CASAA’s boards serve as volunteers, receiving no compensation.

What is tobacco harm reduction?
Tobacco harm reduction refers to substituting, or encouraging the substitution of, lowrisk
alternatives for smoking. Harm reduction is about
empowering and protecting the liberty of consumers, particularly by offering attractive lowrisk alternatives to harmful behaviors. This contrasts with demanding abstinence or otherwise restricting people’s choices.

How does CASAA protect the interests of electronic cigarette consumers?
CASAA aggressively fights and coordinates grassroots opposition against legislation that would unreasonably restrict the use, availability, or effectiveness of vapor products, or in any way make vapor products a less attractive or acceptable alternative for smokers. CASAA has provided extensive testimony to FDA, in written comments, committee testimony, presentations at public meetings, and in private meetings.
We have made clear that the tobacco control community does not represent consumers, real public health, or the public interest.
In addition to our legislative and regulatory efforts, CASAA actively combats misinformation spread by antismoking organizations by providing truthful and accurate information to the public, legislators, and the media. CASAA maintains an informational website that
includes links and downloads of existing research and educational materials.
CASAA conducts scientific research on tobacco harm reduction, with several important papers, as well as an ongoing stream of blog posts, published by CASAA personnel. In addition, we sponsor external scientific research, including the definitive study of the chemistry of electronic cigarette vapor and its potential health impacts on users and bystanders, conducted by Dr. Igor Burstyn of Drexel University, who is an accomplished educator and researcher in the field of environmental and occupational health.

How can I join CASAA and what is the cost?
Become a member of CASAA by going to casaa.org and completing the registration form. Membership is free!

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